Alternatives #1

Life in mountains


For 3 years now, Alicia and Philippe have chosen to live in nature, in the heart of the mountains in a remote valley in the Southern Alps. They are breeders but aspire to a deeper wish, to live as close as possible to nature by developing self-sufficiency.

Informed of the quirks of our time, they try to minimize their impact by putting awareness in their actions. A pattern they want to pass on to their two children.

“We cannot enslave nature: take what interests us and destroy the rest.”

Living at the rhythm of the seasons at the good will of mother nature, they accepted the presence of the wolf in their territory; even if the latter poses a problem of cohabitation during summer guards.

“During the summer months, with the herds which go up in the pastures, you cannot remain a breeder, you have to take up the real job of shepherding and keep your flock.”

Between fascination for the wild and love of the living, this family was kind enough to share their way of life with me, going against our times.