Lionel Prado Author Photographer

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Film Director & Photographer
Exploring and Coexisting with nature


Inspiré par le sauvage

L’image au service
d’une vision

Photographer-director, Lionel Prado directs contemplative and immersive films as well as photographic reports. True testimonies of his adventures in the field, in the remote and still preserved wilderness. The essence of his work aims to question the place of the wild in our modern societies as well as more generally our relationship to the living.

His explorations range from the Himalayas, to the northern European and Canadian territories, passing through his native mountains of Mercantour which, due to his origins, have such a particular resonance of (re)connection.

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A pack of wolves still run free, they have no ties, only the thick fur of their coats to face a harsh wildlife, dictated by the elements. No obstacle stops them, woods, lakes, rivers, they move together quickly, do not agree to follow the conventional codes of modern society. These wolves run against the current, in search of wonder and simply wild essences.

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Aestetic memories

The pictures below bear witness to privileged moments, striking memories that can come back to life at home, in the form of framed or glued Art prints.

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